Iridium Edge Pro data device commercially launched

Iridium has announced the commercial availability of its new IoT data device, Iridium Edge Pro, a standalone unit that can be used for collection and transmission of data from remote assets.

New end-user applications can be created for the device using MicroEJ Java-based software development tools, which can be tested in a virtual environment before being introduced to customers. Over-the-air configuration and reporting updates can also be sent to deployed devices using the Iridium network.

The unit also includes built-in geofencing and messaging tools that the company says could be used for IoT applications like vessel monitoring and refrigerated container monitoring. The device comes with built in Bluetooth/BLE, CANbus and Modbus interfaces, GPS, an accelerometer, and digital and analogue input/output ports.

“With Iridium Edge Pro we now have a trio of out-of-the-box asset management products that serve a wide range of customer needs and applications,” said Bryan Hartin, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Iridium.

“As a programmable device with features like BLE connectivity, Java programming and CANbus protocol integration, we have created a smarter, more innovative and developer-friendly device than anything in the market today. Add in our truly global coverage with real-time two-way communications and it’s clear a new standard has been set for the industry.”

Iridium plans to begin commercial shipping of the Iridium Edge Pro in Q4 2020 and has collaborated with development partner MetOcean Telematics to bring the device to market.

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