CEMS in Singapore to install new ANRS simulator

The newly-established Centre of Excellence in Maritime Safety (CEMS) in Singapore has agreed a deal with Kongsberg Digital to install an Advanced Navigation Research Simulator (ANRS), scheduled for delivery in Q1 2021.

Set up as a joint venture assessment and research facility between the Singapore Maritime Institute and Singapore Polytechnic, CEMS conducts research on crew behaviour, using Artificial Intelligence to improve training and assessment with a goal to contribute towards the further development of the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW).

Other research interests include the study of e-Navigation and the validation of new vessel designs and operational concepts, including smart and autonomous ships.

To this end, the new Kongsberg ANRS lab delivery will provide simulation research and development tools for ship modelling and geographical sailing areas, in addition to its primary systems. The set-up will incorporate VTS and Remote Operation Centre simulation, a multi-modal navigation bridge simulator and Instructor/Assessor/Research and Development stations, and technologies like eye tracking to assist human-computer interaction.

“One of the critical factors that underpins Singapore’s success as a major global maritime hub is our highly-trained and skilled workforce that is ready to meet the new challenges in the maritime world,” said Daniel Zhang, Centre Director of CEMS.

“Our partnership with Kongsberg Digital will empower Singapore Polytechnic staff and learners of all ages to pick up new digital skills and domain knowledge that will strengthen the capabilities of our maritime workforce.”

“This is a strategic collaboration that enables both organisations to co-create and develop more innovative digital solutions that will continue to keep our ships and crew safe, and sharpen our competitive edge as a leading sea transport hub.”

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