DCSA adds container line support to Just-in-Time data standards

The Digital Container Shipping Association (DCSA), the technology standards group backed by the majority of the world’s biggest container lines, has published its latest standard data definitions for the port call process, aimed at Just-in-Time (JIT) operations.

DCSA is supporting JIT port call processes as a way of allowing container ships to optimise their steaming speed, thereby lowering fuel consumption and reducing CO2 emissions. The newly published standards aim to allow carriers, ports and terminals to exchange event data in a uniform way, to support the digital planning and operational optimisation necessary for JIT arrivals.

Widespread adoption is the first step towards achieving a digital, global, transparent, just-in-time port call ecosystem, DCSA says. To provide a global industry framework that builds on existing standards efforts, the group says that its port call data definitions also align with existing IMO and International Taskforce Port Call Optimization (ITPCO) Just In Time (JIT) Arrival Guide standards.

“Our ability to provide more innovative, efficient and sustainable operations is a strategic advantage for our port,” said Erwin Verstaelen, CDIO for Port of Antwerp.

“Just-in-time port calls enabled by DCSA digital standards will play an important role in helping ensure that these attributes are a core part of our infrastructure. There are a lot of moving parts and stakeholders that need to work together to enable a JIT port call. With commitments from the world’s top carriers, DCSA’s digital standards are key to enabling this collaboration.”

The DCSA Port Call Data Definitions can be freely downloaded from the Association’s website. Subsequent releases will include API definitions for automating the exchange of event data, the group says.

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