Brenock Technology launches employee idea management platform

Marine software company Brenock Technology has announced added a new employee idea management platform called Idea Pipeline to its portfolio, the firm’s first product announcement since the start of its joint venture with Tideworks Technology earlier this year.

Idea Pipeline is a cloud-based tool used to source and implement ideas from employees through a digital platform. The application offers analytics and insights to help organisations assess and implement the ideas their staff have, providing real-time status updates to promote transparency and increase collaboration among teams.

The initial development of the system began as a project for a Brenock customer looking to improve customer engagement. After seeing the impact the new platform had on employee involvement, Brenock moved to set up Idea Pipeline as a new division and standalone product for the company.

“Expanding the availability of Idea Pipeline in our portfolio was an easy decision,” said Manus Walsh, President at Brenock.

“We knew it could deliver broader value to marine leaders looking to strengthen their business and better engage crew members following the economic challenges of the global pandemic. We are eager to empower ports, shipping companies and vendors through a bottom-up approach to openly solve common challenges and uncover new opportunities.”

Rather than charging by number of users, Idea Pipeline pricing is based on ‘Number of Ideas Entered’, an internal metric which allows an unlimited number of people to participate and contribute. The pricing is then determined by the total number of ‘valid’ ideas maintained in the system, removing any ideas deemed inappropriate or offensive, as well as those that have been deleted or not accepted.

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