Electronic logbooks launched by ABS NS

ABS Nautical Systems reports that it has added a new electronic logbook system, providing a browser-based alternative to traditional paper logbooks for vessel recordkeeping.

The introduction of the NS eLogs system follows the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) non-mandatory adoption of electronic record books on 1 October 2020, allowing for digital entries on board.

The software can function as a standalone application or be integrated into the NS Enterprise fleet management package and will be accessible through the recently launched digital platform from ABS, My Digital Fleet.

“Electronic logbooks play a foundational role in the maritime industry’s digital transformation,” said Evan Gooch, President of ABS Nautical Systems.

“NS eLogs overcomes traditional recordkeeping challenges by decreasing administrative work and enabling workforce productivity. This digital solution not only improves the quality and security of data but allows for easy replication to shore and remote accessibility.”

Developed using IMO Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) standards, the electronic logbook system is authorised by all Flag States who accept Recognized Organization (RO) approval, including Marshall Islands, Singapore, Isle of Man and Australia.

The application includes approximately 20 electronic logbooks covering several areas of operation, including EU MRV, IMO DCS and MARPOL, allowing users to monitor KPIs, verify documents with e-signatures and manage access through authorisations.

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