Real time data sharing trial underway at Port of Algeciras

The Port of Algeciras has begun a pilot project with Maersk Line, APMT and Marmedsa to optimise port call processes through real time data sharing on the PortXchange platform.

Algeciras Port, located at the Strait of Gibraltar, already hosts a substantial number of Maersk Line calls, hence its selection for the project. The pilot has now been running for approximately six weeks and resulted in noticeable improvements in idle time during departure and arrival of Maersk vessels, the partners said.

The PortXchange system being trialled allows for standardised data exchange and supports notification updates about changes in planning status, built using communication standards agreed by the cross-industry International Taskforce Port Call Optimisation.

PortXchange provides a centralised point for sharing of that real-time data to allow all players to align during the port call and receive notification about any schedule changes. This common situational awareness helps stakeholders to respond quickly to changing situations and make necessary planning adjustments.

“Synchronisation of port operations from a holistic perspective is key for Port of Algeciras competitiveness. With this goal in mind, we apply international standards to speak the same language and combine advanced tools like cloud computing, machine learning, and APIs to automate real-time data sharing and collaboration among all parties involved in a port call process,” said Francisco de los Santos, Chief Information and Innovation Officer from the Algeciras Port Authority.

“Although we have a local port collaboration platform in place, we are making efforts to remain ‘technology agnostic’ and be ready to collaborate with any platform which can add value to the business. This pilot with PortXchange is a real example of collaboration and business focus. A step further to make port logistics more data-driven, transparent, efficient, and sustainable.”

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