Herman Sr to add remote control to offshore operations tug

Herman Sr, a Netherlands-based tug and workboat company, has agreed a deal to add remote vessel control systems from autonomous technology firm Sea Machines Robotics to one of its Shoalbuster tugboats.

The 23.35-metre tug Teddy will be installed with a SM200 wireless remote-helm control system for use during offshore operations. The SM200 provides wireless helm and propulsion control, as well as remote control of auxiliaries and payload equipment, allowing operations to be conducted from any location rather than confining the operator to the wheelhouse.

The pilot can be in full control of the tugboat and onboard payloads with a direct local view of the task, compared to the existing method that relied on signals relayed from another crew member to the wheelhouse.

“No longer bound to a fixed control station, our crew will use Sea Machines’ wireless helm to monitor operations from the tugboat’s upper decks or wherever visibility is greatest, a valuable capability that increases both productivity and safety,” said Erwin van Dodewaard, Herman Sr.’s Operations Manager.

“This system is intuitive to use and, once installed, will be valuable to our crews as they operate our vessel Teddy during challenging projects, such as large and overweight offshore tows.”

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