ZIM rolls out Youredi platform to integrate organisational data

Container carrier ZIM has announced that it has implemented a new data integration system developed by Helsinki-based Youredi, to improve its real-time data integration capabilities.

“We are delighted to work with Youredi. They have great technology and a professional team of industry experts. They share their best practices across the global logistics to my teams and help us deploy data-driven solutions in a smart way,” said Eyal Ben-Amram, ZIM CIO.

Youredi’s iPaaS service is a cloud-based integration platform designed to support information exchange between different business systems, whether located on-premise, in the cloud, or in different organisations.

The platform is built to connect to a variety of different interfaces and use different data types, operating as a managed service for the shipping company.

“Carrier business implies handling high volumes of data coming from many business partners daily. A small glitch in the data flow can create big operational challenges and cause a huge revenue loss. To manage all those data flows efficiently, carriers need support from integration partners,” said Jaakko Elovaara, CEO of Youredi.

“Youredi’s platform and industry expert team stay on top of the data flows to monitor and validate data coming from multiple sources ensuring the required data standards. Also, Youredi solutions enable real-time information exchange automatically, which improves the efficiency of our partners’ business processes.”

“We are very focused on helping our customers with the data quality and timeliness of the information. It has been a great partnership with ZIM so far, and we are looking forward to future innovations together.”

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