A new BOSS announced for Kognifai marketplace

Kongsberg Digital has announced that Blue Water, an Indian voyage optimisation technology company, is to integrate its applications within the Kognifai Maritime Marketplace, allowing vessels connected to Kongsberg’s Vessel Insight data infrastructure to access Blue Water’s BOSS package via the platform.

Blue Water will provide voyage optimisation and performance monitoring services within Kognifai, using contextualised data collected from ships using Vessel Insight to power its tools for reducing fuel consumption and improving voyage operations.

“Blue Water foresees a substantial increment in fuel savings, and ease of voyage operations, for both existing and potential customers through this integration of the latest technologies,” said Kumaresh Gupta, Managing Director of Blue Water.

“The integration of Kongsberg’s high-frequency sensor data into BOSS allows more accurate vessel modelling and performance analysis.”

“This will not only improve our projections for voyage planning and optimisation but also enhance the accessibility of our services through the ‘BOSS on Demand’ feature, embedded in the increasingly well-subscribed Kongsberg Vessel Insight platform and the Kongsberg Digital marketplace.”

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