Q88 works with SEDNA to improve data access

Q88 and SEDNA are the latest maritime software providers to announce integration support for their respective applications, with the new tie-up aiming to allow relevant data to flow between SEDNA’s shared team messaging platform and Q88’s software systems.

The two firms have worked together worked to integrate the Q88 range of products into the SEDNA platform so users can navigate messages based on vessel, voyage, and cargo data, get self-serve context through a shared inbox, and update any Q88 platform without the need to switch applications.

Q88 tracks, processes, and curates all relevant information, which can then be found within SEDNA’s team communication software as a single centralised source for all data and conversations.

The new features will be available on both SEDNA’s web browser interface and mobile application.

“Our goal is to create integrations and partnership with maritime professionals to extend our reach. We spot avenues in a non-competitive way to work together and move the industry forward,” said Fritz Heidenreich, President and founder of Q88.

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