Scandlines adds radio communications system for internet connectivity

Ferry company Scandlines has announced a deal with Swedish company Nowhere Networks for the supply of internet connectivity to its entire fleet operating in the Baltic Sea.

“We have implemented Nowhere Networks’ solution on our fleet of eight ships and it has lived up to our high demands,” said Morten Hald Nielsen, Senior Vice President, IT at Scandlines Denmark.

“Nowhere Networks has kept its promises on speed and quality. We are glad that we chose this solution and feel confident that Nowhere Networks will continue to live up to our expectations.”

The Nowhere Networks system uses radio signals to communicate between ship and shore, incorporating built-in antenna tracking technology to maintain the link. The Wireless Antenna Tracking System (WATS) is capable of delivering bandwidth speeds of hundred of megabits per second, the company says.

The cloud-based software platform also provides automatic operation and control functionality, and has the capability to scale to over 10,000 vessels in the future.

“To be able to count Scandlines, one of the largest ferry operators in Northern Europe, to our list of customers is really fantastic. It is further evidence that what we are doing brings great value to our customers,” said CG Sänne, Deputy CEO, Nowhere Networks.

“Our full-service concept, which includes a complete solution for long range internet connectivity, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, is setting a new standard within the maritime industry in Europe.”

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