Weilbach integrates CargoMate to add port call optimisation

Weilbach and Intelligent Cargo Systems have announced a new partnership which will see Intelligent Cargo Systems’ port call optimisation technology added to the Weilbach performance optimisation software portfolio.

“The partnership fills a gap and enables us to offer shipping companies a full portfolio of digital products to optimise their performance, from cradle to grave,” said Martin Mikkelsen, Director of Business Development, Weilbach.

“Until now, we have been able to support shipping companies in getting vessels quickly from A to B, and with the CargoMate system from Intelligent Cargo Systems we cover the whole journey, including port calls.”

CargoMate is used to neutrally record berth performance and allow shipping companies to compare reported performance from the terminal against observed performance from the ship. The software applies algorithms based on gantry productivity and forecasts how long cargo operations will take to complete, automatically notifying Fleet Managers and other third-party stakeholders of the earliest potential departure time.

“This is a new area of shipping that is almost a black hole because shipping companies do not think about what actually happens when they are in port. But by using real time data that shows productivity in the port it is possible to predict more accurately whether the port operations are early, on time, or delayed and consequently maintain schedule,” said Chris Jones, CEO at Intelligent Cargo Systems.

“We made a case study based on the route performance of a major carrier operating an Asia – Europe route of ultra-large container vessels. It showed us that 45% of port calls were completed late.”

“The statistics covered a two-month period in the Autumn of 2020 and resulted in an extra bunker cost of approximately $250,000. Over a 12-month period this would cost the company more than $1.5 million on this route alone to maintain schedule.”

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