CalMac Ferries to implement SmartPort system across port network

CalMac Ferries in the UK has agreed a deal to implement the Marlin SmartPort port management information system from ION Geophysical Corporation at 17 CalMac harbours, including the major ferry port at Oban and the commercial cargo port at Perth, over an initial four-year term.

CalMac Ferries is the UK’s largest ferry operator, managing 29 routes to over 50 destinations across 200 miles of Scotland’s west coast, and operates 27 ports and harbours across Scotland.

The cloud-based Marlin SmartPort software will be used to integrate systems and data to create a common operating picture across the organisation, with real-time visibility of operations to support optimised decision-making.

“After an extensive tender process, we are pleased to select Marlin SmartPort as a solution that not only meets all of our immediate requirements, but also provides a long-term partnership to support our evolving needs,” said Cameron MacPhail, CalMac’s Head of Ports & Harbours.

“ION has a strong reputation in the UK port community for an efficient, integrated digital system and a support team that helps drive innovation and value. Marlin SmartPort will support our modernisation programme to improve operational efficiencies and enhance the customer experience as well as our on-going environmental commitment.”

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