DCSA publishes IoT standards for reefer containers

The Digital Container Shipping Association (DCSA) has published the second release of its IoT standards initiative, introducing the DCSA IoT Data Standard for Remote Reefer Container Monitoring on Board a Vessel 1.0.

Developed in conjunction with member carriers, the DCSA standard defines a minimum set of data elements to be shared with vessel crews to enable remote monitoring of smart reefer containers on board a vessel.

The remote monitoring can be carried out via IoT container devices that are able to collect data from the reefer controller units, process it and send these data elements to local servers and applications on a vessel via onboard gateways.

“The DCSA standard is an important building block for interoperability and collaboration between the stakeholders,” DCSA says.

“Through this standard, DCSA creates the basis to enable reefer container IoT devices to send specified reefer container data over the local network to the onboard server and applications. This allows vessel crew to monitor status information and alarms remotely.”

“Automation of the reefer container monitoring process will be more efficient and less prone to human error, which will streamline operations on board the vessel. The vessel crew can be relieved from considerable manual workload and focus on managing exceptions.”

The standards can be downloaded for free from the DCSA web site.

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