Panama registry moves online

The first official online portal for registry, crew endorsement and other maritime services for the Panama flag is now available, the result of a partnership between the Panama Embassy in Singapore and Marine Online.

The joint project was initiated to digitise and simplify the application process for the registry and endorsement services. Shipowners and manning agencies can now use the new software to submit applications along with supporting documents electronically.

Upon submission, applicants may make payments, track their progress and receive electronic certificates directly from the Panama Embassy. Application histories will be kept for up to seven years.

The portal is operated by Marine Online, with all documentation processed directly by the Panama Embassy in Singapore, though the service is available to applicants worldwide looking to renew their certificates.

“In the face of a changing landscape, it is crucial to accelerate our level of services to interoperate for greater optimisation and automation as the next big leap,” said Luis Alberto Melo, Ambassador and Consul General of the Republic of Panama to Singapore.

“Our partnership with Marine Online (MOL) will allow us to enhance our services through the platform and connect us to our customers in real-time. Our future-ready solutions will also enable new opportunities for us to promote our maritime services and maintain our position as the World’s leader in the marine industry.”

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