First Iridium GMDSS installation completed

The Lars Thrane LT-3100S GMDSS system

The Norwegian trawler Trygvason has completed the installation of two Lars Thrane LT-3100S GMDSS terminals, the first commercial installation of a system running with Iridium’s newly launched GMDSS service.

Implementation was managed by local marine services company Brommeland Elektronikk, working with satcom services provider Applied Satellite Technology (AST).

“When it comes to safety and communications, our maritime customers demand choice, capability and, above all, absolute dependability from their services and suppliers,” said Gregory Darling, AST’s Group Managing Director.

“The launch of Iridium’s GMDSS service expands the options available to our seafaring customers, delivers significant additional capability and provides an IMO-approved, truly global distress service.”

As well as voice and SMS, the LT-3100S features Distress Alert & Safety Voice capabilities and a red button which alerts an RCC (Rescue and Coordination Centre) when pressed to put the vessel’s crew in direct conversation with an operator within 30 seconds.

“This is the culmination of many years of effort to bring to market the next generation of safety-at-sea services. We’re delighted that mariners now have a new GMDSS option and through our partner AST we’ve started our customer journey,” said Kyle Hurst, Director of Maritime Safety and Security Services for Iridium.

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