Ocean Technologies Group launches new platform combining Seagull and Videotel

Ocean Technologies Group (OTG), owner of the Seagull and Videotel brands, has announced the launch of a new Ocean Learning Platform, integrating the e-Learning capabilities of both companies.

This new release will be made available to customers in January 2021, combining Seagull and Videotel technologies, as well as content from sister learning brands Marlins and MTS, with additional investments in their software including a re-engineering of their UX (user experience) design.

At its core is a new Ocean Learning Library bringing together materials from across the brands, with new micro-learning and gamified content added to improve crew engagement and personalised learning.

Users will also be able to combine information and content specific training for their companies and fleets to complement the Library, supported by an integrated rapid authoring tool allowing users to create customised and trackable e-Learning content.

“This combination of our sister companies is adding significant added value to our shared customer base. In addition to our transformed Ocean Learning Platform, we are working with partner customers by offering our Tero Marine fleet management software and document management system in our suite of services,” said Manish Singh, Ocean Technology Group’s CEO.

“Our new platform is truly ground-breaking as it highlights the Group’s commitment to move beyond the traditional management of training results for compliance purposes to delivering transformational change in which the performance of seafarer and vessel can be measured and improved through greater data capture and data-driven decision making. It also permits increased customer flexibility when making particular content library and software choices most suited to their fleets.”

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