Loginno adds lost container detection to smart devices

Internet of Things (IoT) company Loginno, based in Israel, has launched a new service aiming to improve detection of containers fitted with its ‘smart’ technologies when lost at sea.

Loginno’s Contopia system has added a new feature allowing its smart containers to augment their sonar footprint, allowing for detection of submerged shipping containers by a standard vessel’s sonar system should they be lost overboard.

“This small but very important addition to our AGAM device will introduce a low-frequency sonar beacon to our smart containers, allowing more than a month of a continuous ‘lost-at-sea’ mode,” explained Amit Aflalo, Loginno Co-founder.

“In this mode, every standard sonar system will be able to detect the shipping container loud and clear, from miles away and up to 96 metres in depth, well beyond the usual range.”

“In addition, every container will be fitted with a unique identifier, allowing the owner of the container quick identification of its containers in the recovery process.”

The sonar detection and identification capabilities will be added to existing features, such as scale-less weighing for SOLAS VGM compliance, six-sided intrusion detection, and an event ‘black-box’ for insurance investigations, the company says.

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