TechBinder signs up for KVH Watch

IoT platform provider TechBinder has joined the KVH Watch Solution Partner programme, adding the satellite connectivity service to its portfolio of digital tools to streamline collection and analysis of onboard equipment data.

TechBinder’s flagship application is Smart Vessel Optimizer, a platform that uses vessel data to optimise fleet operations by benchmarking ship performance, predicting asset availability, and performing emissions reporting.

“Smart Vessel Optimizer’s plug-and-play architecture for data analytics can be easily integrated with KVH Watch connectivity and we expect our customers will greatly benefit from our partnership with KVH,” said Bram van den Boom, Managing Partner of TechBinder.

“Today, customers increasingly want a real-time visual of their vessels’ key performance indicators, so they need satellite communications as vessels are not within LTE reach all the time.”

KVH Watch is an IoT Connectivity as a Service package that powers the company’s Flow product, a machine-to-cloud satellite connectivity system for remote monitoring of onboard equipment that offers the ability to perform on-demand remote expert interventions using video, voice, or text.

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