Solvang and Siem Offshore sign performance optimisation deals with Wärtsilä

Norwegian shipping companies Solvang and Siem Offshore have agreed new deals with Wärtsilä to implement data analysis technologies for the management of vessel operations, to improve efficiency and performance across their respective fleets.

Solvang’s five-year agreement covers the implementation of a digital Operational Performance Improvement & Monitoring (OPERIM) service, a cloud-based application containing a digital twin of the gas cargo handling system, used to report KPIs and to benchmark best-in-class performance within the fleet.

These data insights are available for use by both the crew and onshore teams, to support performance improvement. The system also allows operational adjustments to be made as operating conditions change.

The first phase of the agreement will see OPERIM rolled out to 15 Solvang LPG/Ethylene carriers fitted with Wärtsilä cargo handling systems. Monthly fleet management meetings will be held to review the data produced, and to agree on improvement actions.

During the second phase OPERIM will be made available to an additional 12 vessels.

“The agreement allows us to use Wärtsilä’s OPERIM solution but goes further by engaging experts from both sides to work collaboratively to find the best solutions for our business, whether it be in operator usage, operational routines, or the plant performance. We have created a collaborative approach to operational improvements,” said Solvang’s Fleet Director Tor Øyvind Ask.

Siem Offshore meanwhile has agreed its own separate five-year Optimised Maintenance Agreement with Wärtsilä covering two offshore Well Intervention Vessels, which will include the provision of real-time monitoring and support for ship systems.

Included in the deal is Wärtsilä’s Expert Insight predictive maintenance package, which leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and diagnostics to monitor equipment and systems in real-time, spot anomalies, foresee potential problems, and support rapid response.

Should anomalous behaviour be detected it is flagged to specialists at Wärtsilä Expertise Centres, allowing them to proactively initiate corrective action.

Also included is Wärtsilä’s Data Driven Maintenance concept and connectivity system, which will be used to assist the ships’ crews to conduct condition inspections using borescope optical instruments. The digital images provided will be sent to Wärtsilä’s technical experts for evaluation, and in most cases will be uses as a basis to lengthen the time required between engine overhauls.

“We appreciate the easy access to remote operational support made possible by Wärtsilä’s leading-edge solutions. This allows us to do maintenance when needed rather than at fixed intervals,” said Dag Honnemyr, Operational Director at Siem-Helix.

“We are especially excited with Expert Insight, which allows us to monitor the condition of the engines from ashore, and thanks to artificial intelligence and anomaly detection we expect to prevent unscheduled stops that cause loss of revenue.”

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