IEC launches satcom management software package

Maritime satcom service provider IEC Telcom has launched a range of new communications management applications, which the company says have been designed to be customisable for use on different vessel types of varying size.

The OptiSoft software package includes separate modules to cover different maritime requirements including e-mail management, cyber security, data transfer and remote configuration, as well as supporting a range of vessel administration processes.

OptiSoft services are managed via a cloud-based dashboard which can be accessed via any connected laptop. The system has minimal bandwidth requirements, IEC notes, so the applications are suitable for both small and large vessels. No other specialised hardware is required.

“Customisation using individual solutions will play a leading role in the future of maritime digitalisation. The advanced sectors of the industry are already moving away from the need to have different systems and devices. Instead, future maritime communications will be housed in one device, fully customisable, adaptable and upgradeable, whatever, whenever and wherever you need,” said Nabil Ben Soussia, CEO Asia, Middle East & CIS at IEC Telecom Group.

“We are delighted to offer this additional layer of services to meet the requirements of our maritime clients across the globe.”

“All of these advanced applications have been developed to include a strong element of cyber security – protecting your vessel systems while helping you to comply with the latest cyber security regulations, including the IMO’s new guidelines. As industry requirements evolve, we are committed to supplying services which meet all demands.”

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