eyeGauge joins StratumFive Podium platform

Maritime tech company StratumFive has announced the integration of the eyeGauge system with its Podium platform, to allow vessel data to be more easily shared amongst application providers within the Podium Connected community.

The eyeGauge system is used to collect shipboard data from systems that may lack a digital interface, and to automate collection from machinery that is typically subject to manual processes.

The company says that this can open up the opportunities of digitalisation on ships with legacy systems and limited automated data collection ability, increasing data frequency and integrity whilst reducing crew workload and repetitive tasking.

“Over time we expect sensor and system connectivity to be increasingly subject to standards, but in the interim there is a need to offer solutions tailored to conditions in the existing fleet. By digitising existing onboard machinery eyeGauge literally moves the dial in this respect,” said Ross Martin, StratumFive COO.

“The connection of eyeGauge increases the range of data sources available to owners and operators within Podium. This is important to meet our objective of delivering access to the benefits of digitalisation and associated data to everyone.”

“Including another innovative start up in the Podium Connected community alongside tried and tested data sources is also very welcome and in line with our objective of improving visibility to market for new entrants.”

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