IB integrates regulation reporting compliance certification on software platform

Maritime software company IB reports that it has partnered with carbon emissions verification firm Verifavia Shipping to create a certified process for its application users to meet the demands of a range of environmental regulations.

The system will cover regulations and documentation including EU Monitoring Reporting and Verification (EU MRV), the International Maritime Organisation’s Data Collection System (IMO DCS), and the Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM).

IB’s InfoSHIP cloud software system is used for the management and control of vessel fleets, to monitor and improve efficiency across a broad range of technical processes. Under the new partnership, Verifavia Shipping will certify InfoSHIP Performance for compliance with shipping emissions regulations. 

Compliance with IHM requirements in particular will be handled through the integration of Verifavia’s ‘3 Way Plug & Play’ IHM maintenance dashboard with the IB platform, to provide shipowners with live access to the IHM maintenance status of the vessel and to automatically generate monthly or ad-hoc IHM maintenance reports demonstrating implementation and compliance ahead of PSC inspections.

“Verifavia’s expertise combined with our digital InfoSHIP system will ensure our customers have a comprehensive, real-time solution to support ongoing regulatory compliance,” said Caterina Cerrini, Strategic Partnerships and Business Development Manager at IB.

“The ability to match the IT solutions of IB with Verifavia’s unrivalled knowledge of EU MRV, IMO DCS and IHM regulations propels us full speed ahead towards our common goal of ensuring clients can manage their fleets efficiently, in a simple and reliable way.”

In accordance with the EU Ship Recycling Regulation and the Hong Kong Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships, it is mandatory for ships to carry a certified and maintained IHM specifying the location and approximate quantities of hazardous materials on board, such as asbestos or ozone-depleting substances.

The IHM Part I must be constantly maintained during the operational lifetime of a vessel, with updates applied any time an item is installed, modernised or replaced. 

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