Diana Shipping Services to track environmental performance data with ABS

Diana Shipping Services (DSS) has signed a new deal with classification society ABS to implement the ABS Environmental Monitor digital sustainability data analysis system across 31 vessels under its management.

A part of the ABS My Digital Fleet risk management platform, ABS Environmental Monitor is a cloud-based application leveraging vessel waste stream and emissions data to provide reports to the ship operator, by fleet or by vessel.

The system can be used to monitor and track environmental categories such as emissions, garbage, waste and consumables data, and to view vessel emissions profiles, including total emissions across laden and ballast voyages, carbon intensity, emissions per transport, emissions per distance, and total emissions per consumer.

The software can perform required calculations in accordance with the Environmental Ship Index and Poseidon Principles, and can be used to track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on garbage, waste, and consumables metrics such as disposal methods and categories, water production efficiency, or consumption efficiency by voyage.

“As a prudent fleet owner and a participant in the global shipping industry, Diana Shipping Inc is committed to the proper stewardship of our environment. We are pleased to have the cooperation and resources of ABS and DSS as we pursue the goal of achieving a more sustainable future,” said Semiramis Paliou, Diana Shipping’s Chief Executive Officer.

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