MESPAS makes maritime procurement software module free of charge

Swiss maritime software company MESPAS has announced plans to make its procurement software available free of charge to purchasers.

The company says it will now provide both ship managers and purchasers with a free ready-made procurement module offering access to a supplier directory of tens of thousands of suppliers, allowing them to compare offers, view price history, send requests and orders, receive invoices and track orders online.

The application provides all users with exactly the same data to follow parameters like price history, turnover, or order volume per supplier. It can also be connected to MESPAS’s centralised cloud platform to ensure data accuracy.

“(MESPAS is) the only company in the market offering free procurement software based on smart data with a vast array of features and no restrictions to use,” the company said.

“Free procurement is ideal for purchasers who currently do most purchasing manually, or companies with existing procurement systems lacking vendor integration. With Free Procurement the vendor is integrated with the supplier and can place orders, compare offers, follow price history etc, at the click of a button.”

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