New app released for DPO CPD

The Nautical Institute (NI) and the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) have jointly developed a new app to support continuing professional development (CPD) for Dynamic Positioning Operators (DPO), aiming to provide an easily accessible platform to combat knowledge and skill fade.

The scheme is designed to help DPOs maintain their technical knowledge of the latest industry practices, and will include the latest IMCA/industry guidance, DP safety bulletins, as well as DP exercises and training drills. 

“We are delighted to be working with IMCA on the introduction of the DPO CPD app. Designed for use on mobile devices, and using specialist mobile device learning management software, the app is available across a wide range of operating systems,” said Captain John Lloyd, Chief Executive Officer, The Nautical Institute.

“Importantly, it provides offline capability ensuring the content remains available without internet connection – an important factor for seagoing personnel.”

Course content is based on a variety of learning modules with courses covering six different categories: DP Regulation & Guidance; DP Functional Requirements; DP Knowledge Enhancement; DP Operations; DP Redundancy Concepts; and DP Testing & Trials.

Each category has several different units or course subjects, and each course subject can contain multiple lessons. New modules are planned for release at six-monthly intervals.

Currently Module 1, which comprises 32 individual lessons, is complete and online, with the content for more modules already drafted, according to the development partners. Instruction is also supplemented by direct access, via the app, to IMCA guidance documentation related to the particular topic being studied.

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