Hull data analysis programme introduced by Jotun

Paints and coatings company Jotun has introduced a new proactive hull optimisation programme, combining data collection using remote vehicles and other sources with fouling risk analysis to assist vessel operators in keeping fuel, inspection and cleaning costs under control.

The four-part programme can be implemented regardless of the chosen coating, offering functionality including hull monitoring, fouling risk alerts, inspections and advisory services.

HullKeeper employs a proprietary fouling risk algorithm, supported by data from different sources to allow ship operators to take planned corrective actions. As more data and information accumulate, best practices can be identified and implemented across the whole fleet.

“HullKeeper is a market differentiator in the sense that it offers unique support that both adds value and meets the needs of customers,” said Jotun Global Digital and Data Director, Andreas Krapp.

“Ship operators that use HullKeeper will be able to identify potential problems long before fouling impacts vessel speed, allowing them to make better decisions, faster.”     

“In addition to offering ship operators a cost-effective programme that can reduce GHG emissions, HullKeeper helps them save on bunkering costs. In this way, HullKeeper incentivises improved environmental performance.”

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