Autonomous tech to be integrated in pilot-assist system from Sea Machines and HamiltonJet

The new system will be embedded in HamiltonJet's AVX program

Sea Machines Robotics reports that it has signed a new agreement with HamiltonJet of New Zealand, which will see the companies work together to develop a pilot-assist product for waterjet vessels utilising computer vision and autonomous command and control technologies.

The new product will combine the capabilities of Sea Machines’ autonomy platform with HamiltonJet propulsion technologies and vessel controls, to provide a helm-based system that automates navigation control and manages routine operations to allow crew to focus on complex activities.

“We are joining forces to marry proven autonomous-command and situational-awareness technologies with front-running waterjet propulsion systems and vessel controls to ultimately enhance and modernise the pilot experience,” said Sea Machines’ CEO Michael Johnson.

“Like other disruptive technologies, it won’t be too long before this becomes standard and we wonder how we lived without. We look forward to delivering it to market and elevating the total industry as a result alongside HamiltonJet.”

Currently under development, the pilot-assist product will incorporate data from cameras, radar, AIS and GPS for situational awareness, and will be embedded in HamiltonJet’s Advanced Vessel Control (AVX) program. The system is expected to be operational in 2022.

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