StratumFive integrates Veinland on Podium platform

UK-based voyage informatics provider StratumFive reports that it has added German technology company Veinland to the list of firms connected to its Podium platform.

The companies have been working together for more than four years but are now taking the step of integrating Veinland-sourced data directly within Podium to make it available to users of the StratumFive system.

Podium is designed to contextualise data from a variety of sources to improve efficiency in tracking, routing, safety, security, fuel consumption and emissions. The system can be configured for various use cases so that the data relevant to the specific user can be displayed as required.

Veinland’s development of hardware and software to receive and process digital and analogue system signals from multiple manufacturers will expand the capabilities of the platform further, to allow users to draw in new data sources.

“StratumFive’s and Veinland’s solutions are both focussed on extracting data from silos and applying it holistically, digitally encoding the entire voyage. This combination of capability means the best mix of available data sources can be applied to the safe and efficient execution of the voyage,” said Ross Martin, StratumFive COO.

“Every addition to the Podium Connected community delivers value and choice to those using the platform. We are confident both StratumFive and Veinland will benefit by taking this next step in their long-standing co-operation.”

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