Finbeta adds risk management software module from IB

Italian Shipping company Finbeta, headquartered in Savona, has agreed a deal to roll out the InfoSHIP Quality system from maritime software firm IB across its chemical and product tanker fleet.

InfoSHIP Quality is a module within the larger InfoSHIP fleet management software package, designed to manage risk relating to the safety of the ship and crew, such as casualties and accidents.

The application can be used to monitor compliance with international safety standards implemented by IMO, such as the ISM Code and ISPS, and also aims to assist in the implementation of QHSE management policies within the company.

The application can additionally provide support during audits or PSC inspections by providing access to detailed reporting and archiving, including statistics on the incidence of recorded risk events or the outcomes of all previous inspections.

Finbeta specialises in the transportation of liquid chemicals between Northern Europe and the Baltic Sea, and is already an existing IB customer as a user of its InfoSHIP Asset system for management of maintenance, logistics and procurement processes.

This new implementation project will aim to consolidate additional elements, such as quality and transparency, within the software framework as Finbeta proceeds with the dual tasks of renewing its fleet and digitalising its management processes.

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