Copenhagen Commercial Platform to connect dry bulk charterers with ‘green’ vessels

A new independent commercial and operational management system for dry bulk shipowners has been launched with investment from BW Group and Weco Shipping, aiming to provide a platform to connect dry bulk owners and charterers with a focus on vessels’ environmental metrics.

Copenhagen Commercial Platform (CCP) has been established by Christian Bonfils with the backing of the two shipping companies. Mr Bonfils was until recently the Managing Director of BW Dry Cargo and previously worked with First Arctic, Nordic Bulk Carrier and Custodia Shipping.

The vessels included within the CCP platform will be vetted and rated by efficiency and emissions, to assist charterers in choosing environmentally friendly vessels.

“Historically, charterers have often chosen price over other factors when chartering dry bulk vessels. We now find ourselves in an era where environmental factors are being taken into consideration alongside price,” said Mr Bonfils.

“Charterers are increasingly looking for vessels that help them minimise the environmental impact of their business activities. Therefore, owners increasingly need to follow the green agenda. CCP will help owners and charterers with their needs in this regard.”

CCP formally commenced operations on 1 April 2021.

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