ABS Consulting partners with Verifavia on IHM compliance management

ABS Consulting, a risk management consulting subsidiary of class society ABS, has partnered with Verifavia Shipping to offer services for Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) compliance that support continuous monitoring and annual maintenance of the inventory of hazardous materials on board vessels.

Verifavia’s IHM Maintenance Dashboard is used for continuous maintenance of IHM reports, providing a digital platform to allow the IHM to be updated accurately in real-time to comply with the EU Ship Recycling Regulation (EU SRR).

The software can be used to provide superintendents, Port State Control (PSC) and Class with live access to the IHM maintenance status of the vessel, and can be connected to procurement systems and other data systems to allow the data to be automatically and continuously updated.

Monthly or ad-hoc IHM maintenance reports can be generated as required to demonstrate implementation and compliance with regulations.

“Our consultants work closely with clients to form a complete plan to demonstrate IHM compliance,” said Brian Weaver, Vice President of Risk and Reliability at ABS Consulting.

“Sustaining the plan for annual IHM reporting requires critical follow-up on asset purchases to verify all hazardous materials are being tracked appropriately. Verifavia maintains all the follow-up so the client doesn’t have to. Our partnership with Verifavia gives our clients the confidence and ability to successfully maintain the plan over time.”

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