IB electronic logbook granted approval by Liberian Registry

Maritime software company IB reports that its electronic ship’s logbook application has been granted approval by the Liberian Registry, allowing the digital logbooks to be used in place of paper versions on Liberian-flagged vessels.

The InfoSHIP ELB system allows the Chief Officer and Captain to record data related to various operational parameters as required by international regulations and conventions, particularly MARPOL requirements, and present them in compliance with security controls in port.

The application is designed to collect and present the data customised to the specific technical characteristics of the ship, taking into account details such as International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificates, piping diagrams and sounding tables.

The company notes that approval from the Liberian Flag comes after the software was already approved by Panama, the Marshall Islands and Cyprus, among others, in the three years since its introduction.

“In the development of the software, we have been focused on the simplification aspect that the solution must offer the user,” said Caterina Cerrini, Business Development and Strategic Partnerships Manager, IB.

“The system is not a simple mirror of paper documents, instead it aims at giving real support to the onboard crews, whose reporting work on paper still occupies 10% of their daily working time. At the same time, we have been pursuing the goal of compliance with current and upcoming rules and regulations.”

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