Crystal Pool fleet to roll out quality and safety management software

Italian ship management company Crystal Pool, a part of the Rimorchiatori Riuniti Group, is to implement the InfoSHIP Quality Management software system from IB across its fleet of vessels.

The application will be used to assist the company in working towards a goal of recording zero incidents and pollution from operations.

The InfoSHIP system will be installed across the entire fleet, connecting the ships with the head-office team based in Genoa to establish a more cohesive ‘safety culture’ at the company level.

The software will also be used to manage compliance with ISM Code requirements for vessel and environmental safety, digitalising and standardising procedures and guidelines on how to act in an emergency, and how to report accidents or any other non-conformities, which will be customised according to the type of vessel and the cargo carried.

A plans and checklists module will be used to keep tracked records of any document, procedure, and form relevant to these safety requirements, providing clear information on levels of authority and lines of communication among crew members, and between shore and shipboard personnel.

“We strive to exceed the best industry practices and standards for Health, Safety, Environment and Quality ship management, and all our onshore and sea staff are continuously assessed and trained through relevant courses and seminars to improve awareness on such topics,” said Crystal Pool, in a statement.

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