ABS Consulting launches OT cyber monitoring service

ABS Consulting, a subsidiary of class society ABS, has launched an integrated cybersecurity service designed to help organisations to monitor, manage and reduce the threat of Operational Technology (OT) cyber-attacks.

The Cybersecurity Managed Services offering aims to help companies reduce cybersecurity risks by providing continuous monitoring of critical infrastructure and OT networks for cyber threats, as well as supporting the timely restoration of an organisation’s systems for safe operations in line with its disaster recovery plans.

Services are customised for the user’s specific operations and infrastructure, with monitoring managed by ABS Consulting’s own Industrial Security Operations Center (ISOC).

“The digital front line is expanding to the OT environment, impacting today’s industrial systems and equipment critical to high performing operations, business reputation and safety,” said Ian Bramson, Global Head of Cybersecurity from ABS Consulting.

“This is a new area with low maturity and high risk. As digitalisation expands so do the risks of a system breach or cyber-attack.”

“OT cybersecurity requires specialised skills and experience. Traditional Information Technology (IT) solutions do not work in these environments. Our service is a native OT solution designed specifically for industrial networks. Most organisations do not have adequate visibility into these systems to understand cyber vulnerabilities and activity. Our managed services solution gives them both visibility and control over these increasing risks.”

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