Inchcape World of Ports data added to BunkerMetric bunker calculation application

Bunker software supplier BunkerMetric has completed an integration of its BunkerPlanner software with Inchcape’s World of Ports (WoP) service, which will provide constantly updated data on bunkering-related port call costs for use in operator calculations.

BunkerPlanner generates a bespoke bunkering plan for each vessel and voyage within its system using the latest available schedule and prices, typically pulled through integration with the user’s Voyage Management System (VMS). That data will now be supplemented and enhanced with data from Inchcape.

WoP gathers data on worldwide ports, including the main bunkering locations, and can at a vessel-class level give insight into the costs, locations and other operational details where bunkering can be provided.

Integration of BunkerPlanner with WoP means the software also takes up-to-date port call, anchorage, barging and other coasts into consideration, helping operators to choose the right bunkering ports from multiple scenarios.

“Choosing a bunkering port is sometimes simplified into a choice of the lowest dollar per mt [metric ton]. But to truly improve voyage TCE (Time Charter Equivalent) you need to look more holistically at the implied costs of bunkering,” said BunkerMetric CEO and co-founder Christian Plum.

“Is it induced, how long is the deviation and how much is the port call cost? Vlissingen may be $15 per mt lower than Skaw, but the anchorage cost can easily be $10,000 higher at Vlissingen, cancelling that benefit. By including World of Ports port call data we are significantly adding to the value of BunkerPlanner for our clients.”

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