Taiwan Navigation implements Smart Ship bridge system with JRC and Inmarsat

PHOTO: Taiwan Navigation

Taiwan Navigation reports that its Handymax bulk carrier Tai Splendor has completed a successful trial of JRC’s Smart Ship Viewer (SSV) bridge system, with the shipping company agreeing a deal to implement the technology across its eight newbuildings and eight existing vessels, integrated with Inmarsat’s Fleet Connect service.

The roll-out also sees JRC become the latest partner to join Inmarsat’s list of Certified Application Providers (CAP), offering applications using dedicated Fleet Connect bandwidth segregated from the vessel’s primary communications link.

“The SSV is a networked bridge and communications management solution with capabilities including ship monitoring, Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS), navigation and routing, Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) downloads, and data sharing using the J-Marine Cloud,” said Hiroshi Miyashita, Manager of the Satcom Business Group at JRC.

“Entering into the Inmarsat CAP programme will allow us to use Fleet Connect to provide the dedicated bandwidth that ensures this powerful digital network is available on-demand, to prioritise data traffic and optimise vessel efficiency in a safe and secure way.”

Inmarsat says that its Certified Application Provider marketplace now hosts more than 40 applications for ship owners and operators, with options to reduce emissions, improve vessel performance, train crew and save lives at sea.

“Given the stature of JRC as a provider of advanced marine technology, this new agreement is a major step forward for the CAP programme. The Taiwan Navigation contract is a notable country success for both Inmarsat’s high-speed Fleet Xpress service and for Fleet Connect’s dedicated bandwidth in particular,” said Marco Cristoforo Camporeale, Senior Director, Digital Applications for Inmarsat Maritime.

“Combined, these agreements add a significant new bridge network option for Fleet Xpress customers worldwide, while also allowing us to demonstrate the reality of Fleet Connect dedicated bandwidth to Taiwan’s widely respected ship owning community.”

“The secure cyber protection provided by Fleet Connect’s segregation from the vessels’ primary bandwidth was also influential in Taiwan Navigation’s decision. Separation of the JRC SSV network from other traffic, such as crew communications, creates an additional layer of cyber security protection.”

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