UROS and NearshoreNetworks partner on maritime GSM data connectivity

UROS and NearshoreNetworks have announced a global cellular connectivity service partnership focused on serving the maritime industry, which will see NearshoreNetworks adopt the UROS Connect system as the cellular platform base for its global customers.

UROS Connect has been tailored to maritime data access needs through the integration of eSIM technology to allow a single SIM to deliver multi-carrier connections regardless of the global location of a vessel.

The company notes that the set-up also eliminates the need for hardware configurations and changes dependent on region.

Houston-based Nearshore says that it plans to launch this system as an option for fleets operating as service support vessels in energy markets, ferries, passenger liners, and pleasure craft.

“We believe that by partnering with UROS, together we deliver what our maritime community is in search of. We are providing a single eSIM with super-fast, affordable data from multiple carriers to vessels around the globe,” said Bob Miltenberger, CEO of NearshoreNetworks.

“The eSIM, coupled with our remote network monitoring and management, enables vessel owners, operators and crews to leverage this connectivity just as if they were on shore. And we do it everywhere in the world, seamlessly.”

“The UROS eSIM is the perfect complement to our maritime satellite offerings as we serve our customers best interests by solving real world cost and deployment issues, bringing innovative, well vetted technology to them today.”

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