Second Maritime Informatics book published by Springer

Academic publisher Springer is to publish a second book on the subject of Maritime Informatics this week, a follow-on volume from its first book in 2020 with contributions from a range of new authors involved with major maritime stakeholder groups, as well as perspectives from outside the shipping industry.

Maritime Informatics – Additional Perspectives and Applications aims to complement the ideas presented in the original Maritime Informatics book from last November. It has been prepared by the same Editors but features a host of new voices within the text.

The book contains six chapters on maritime technology and supply chain data exchange, namely:

  • Responding to Humanitarian and Global Concerns with Digitally Enabled Supply Chain Visibility
  • Digitalisation in a Maritime Circular Economy
  • Ports as Multidimensional Hubs
  • The IMO Reference Data Model: One Solution Fits Most!
  • The Role of Industry-Based Standards Organisations in Digital Transformation
  • Boosting the Effectiveness of Containerised Supply Chains: A Case Study of TradeLens

The digital e-book version of the publication will be made available by Springer from the end of this week, with a hard copy expected to be published later this year.

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