Marinvest to create unified data infrastructure with Kongsberg

Sweden-based ship management company Marinvest has signed a contract with Kongsberg Digital to install the Vessel Insight data collection and analysis system on five of its fleet of 10 oil and chemical tankers.

Marinvest has been using Kongsberg Maritime’s Autochief 600 propulsion control system for five years, leveraging its Fuel and Speed Pilot functions for fuel and speed optimisation. Vessel Insight will work in tandem with those applications by measuring emissions that are not currently monitored.

This integrated approach will provide Marinvest with a common infrastructure for all critical data signals and allow for easier integration of that shipboard data with future software applications. Vessel Insight is expected to be installed on all five vessels by September 2021.

“To have intimate knowledge of the performance of our ships, over a wide range of speeds and conditions, lays a solid foundation for efficient day to day operations,” said Fredrik Stubner, Director Ship Management, Marinvest.

“Marinvest has in the past conducted several speed and consumption related projects which has resulted in our fleet consistently improving and staying competitive, irrespective of market conditions and bunker prices. We believe that our new agreement with Kongsberg will help us further improve our performance, and we look forward to this collaboration.”

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