PSA International invests in Roambee to improve supply chain data visibility

PSA unboxed, the corporate venture arm of Singaporean terminal operator PSA International (PSA), has announced that it has made a strategic investment in Roambee, a provider of real-time supply chain tracking technologies.

The new partnership will see Roambee and PSA co-create a verifiable item-level, multimodal Full Container Load (FCL)/Less than Container Load (LCL) visibility system backed by first-hand sensor and port operations intelligence, fusing the physical and digital aspects of ocean cargo from end to end, including first mile, at port, on vessel, and last mile.

“PSA’s ambition is to visualise end-to-end cargo flows to improve our supply chain orchestration capabilities,” said Elton Fong, Vice President of PSA unboXed.

“Roambee’s real-time visibility combined with our CALISTA digital platform will enable verifiable, data-driven orchestration of the physical, regulatory, and financial flows for cargo owners.”

The new services will be supported by the pre-trained AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning-powered models that Roambee acquired through its own prior acquisition of Arnekt AI, and will aim to create more accurate signals to verify a variety of variables about shipments, such as whether an FCL/LCL made it on to a vessel, if temperature or humidity is within acceptable limits, and if it was loaded on to the right vessel.

“The ocean visibility space’s recent consolidations have still left the core aspect of ‘verifiable visibility’ unaddressed,” said Sanjay Sharma, CEO of Roambee.

“Overall, carrier data integrations focus on orders and not whether the actual FCL or LCL affirmatively completed a milestone or experienced physical excursions. With PSA’s support, Roambee will fulfil this crucial need with its immersive location-aware platform, purpose-built sensor technology, and first-hand knowledge of container movement within port operations.”

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