John T. Essberger to trial VesselMan dry-docking software

John T. Essberger, a European operator of parcel tankers and dry cargo ships, is to begin a trial of the VesselMan software system during the upcoming dry-docking of the vessel Ursula Essberger, to examine the application’s effectiveness in managing dry dock processes in comparison with its current set-up.

“We will benchmark VesselMan to our existing system, and I truly believe that we will see a lot of useful features and positive outcomes of this pilot project,” said Bernd Schlarmann, Fleet Manager at J.T. Essberger.

“We are also very excited to test the integration of VesselMan and Ulysses Systems which was launched earlier this year. We have been using Ulysses Systems as our PMS for more than 15 years, and this will enable a smooth and seamless integration between our PMS and VesselMan as our dry-docking tool.”

In 2021, Essberger and Stolt Tankers entered into a joint venture, E&S Tankers, to operate 48 parcel tankers ranging in size from 2,800 to 11,300 deadweight tonnes, trading in Europe with a particular emphasis on the Baltic, Mediterranean and Northwest Europe. The company also runs a ship management division, and both owns and operates a dry cargo fleet.

“We are proud to have J.T. Essberger on board to test out VesselMan. In hectic times and with new challenges like we experience today, cloud-based solutions and the possibility to collaborate across teams and borders has never been as relevant,” said Lene Normann Olsen, Sales Executive at VesselMan.

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