Port of Oakland to build private 5G network

Oakland Maritime Support Services (OMSS) at the Port of Oakland has agreed a deal with private cellular network operator Geoverse to implement a private mobile network at the port, offering LTE and 5G connectivity.

The network will leverage the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS), an initiative in the US that allows wireless carriers to deploy 5G mobile networks without having to acquire spectrum licenses in certain circumstances. The deployment will be one of the first ‘smart port’ systems rolled out with CBRS in the country.

The new connectivity network will be used to enable multiple intermodal container yard management applications in the first phase, the port said, and new smart port use cases and applications in follow-on phases.

A number of mobile devices and end points across the port will be populated with a Geoverse SIM card to connect to the network within the bounds of the facility, while also offering the capability to roam on external networks should they need to transit off-site.

“We seek to gain new efficiencies by using wireless, IoT and the available analytics to enable multiple smart port applications by leveraging this reliable high-speed mobile data and communications platform,” said Bill Aboudi, President of OMSS.

“By partnering with Geoverse, the OMSS will be able to enhance its existing infrastructure to support the emerging demands through the use of intelligent intermodal applications such as container yard workflow analytics, environmental monitoring, smart gate management, and drone surveillance.”

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