Epsco-Ra launches vessel cyber monitoring service

Cyprus-based Epsco-Ra has launched a new cyber security system for shipping company networks, featuring network monitoring, vulnerability detection and security management.

Ra Endpoint Detection & Response (RaEDR) is a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) application designed to secure systems on ships and in company offices that are linked to the internet.

It is configured to be able to operate in low bandwidth connectivity environments, consuming 12 MB per day at minimum scanning frequency levels, and can be used to identify vulnerabilities on end-points throughout a network after being remotely deployed.

The software is downloaded and installed on onboard computers and supported by a cloud-hosted back-end, providing real-time information on digital dashboards. RaEDR can be installed on any computers linked to the internet or an onboard server as long as the agent can communicate with the cloud back-end, Epsco-Ra says.

If system scans detect vulnerabilities an alert is sent to the company, and Epsco-Ra’s security staff can assist in analysing data and advising on necessary action. Users can configure alert levels and frequency for the network scans, with end-point agents all capable of being managed remotely.

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