Maran Gas begins fleetwide digitalisation upgrade

Maran Gas Maritime has agreed a new deal to roll out Kongsberg Maritime’s K-IMS Information Management System across its entire fleet, as part of the shipping company’s wider digitalisation and cyber security strategy.

“We feel very confident with the decision to implement the K-IMS project with Kongsberg for the entire fleet. By the end of 2021, K-IMS will be rolled-out to more than 20 LNG carriers of various propulsion types,” said Andreas Spertos, EVP, Technical Director, Maran Gas Maritime.

“Implementation of K-IMS will continue for existing and newbuild vessels until the entire fleet of 40+ LNG carriers is upgraded.”

“K-IMS will replace the existing limited capability data transfer system and will provide us with unlimited opportunities to develop and advance further our in-house fleet monitoring and analysis systems that support the safe, efficient and environmentally friendly operation of the fleet.”

Most ships in the Maran Gas fleet already have K-IMS-ready hardware in place, with installation of new kit on the outliers included in the overall rollout plan. Data replication is then enabled via software applications on the K-IMS Onboard and K-IMS Onshore solutions.

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