NSML to work with Shell and Kongsberg on voyage optimisation

NLNG Ship Management Limited (NSML) is to implement the JAWS (Just Add Water System) draught and trim optimisation software from Shell across the entire NSML fleet of 11 LNG carriers, connected via Kongsberg Maritime’s K-IMS application infrastructure.

The JAWS software uses historic, high-frequency vessel data to determine optimal operating conditions, as recorded from previous voyages, so the system can advise on how best to alter a vessel’s draught and trim at any given speed as a means of reducing fuel consumption.

JAWS also monitors and reports live fuel and emissions changes back to managers, providing an overview of the impact of the technology on performance. All data-logging and communication channels will be integrated within the K-IMS system as the common data infrastructure platform for the vessels.

“By working together with Shell on JAWS, we have added a new layer of trust and strengthened customer relations relating to (our) regular product portfolio, and our K-IMS solution has created a great foundation for rolling out JAWS. We’re very pleased that the solution has provided the basis for NSML to move forward with both digitalisation and cyber security,” said Vegar Løver, Sales Manager, LNG, Kongsberg Maritime.

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