CargoX partners with Youredi to support wider integration with blockchain platform

Blockchain document exchange platform CargoX has partnered with Finnish company Youredi to support improved data integration with third party systems and stakeholders linking to the CargoX network.

“For companies looking to integrate the CargoX Platform into their unique workflows and environments, Youredi will provide integration services with its extensive knowledge of integration processes, and focused and streamlined project management,” said Igor Jakomin, Deputy CEO of CargoX.

“We believe this will make for smoother onboarding in large logistics companies or government organisations, while allowing CargoX to focus on product development and platform maintenance. Youredi is becoming a strategic partner for CargoX.”

The CargoX Platform offers blockchain document transfer functionality, with verifiable electronic signatures and electronic endorsements to support undisputed title transfer for negotiable documents, such as electronic Bills of Lading.

All document signing, transfer, and access services are provided through the CargoX Platform User Interface, with all functions also accessible to enterprises through an API interaction interface.

“Our goal is to be the de facto data connectivity backbone in the supply chain and logistics industry worldwide. We are focused on providing complete integration services that give our customers quality and timely data into their IT systems for data-driven business decision making,” said Jaakko Elovaara, CEO of Youredi.

“Our customers need a cost-effective iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) service, that can be deployed quickly and securely to realise maximum value across their business operations, partners and markets, and they want to monitor their performance in real-time to fine-tune execution. Our services clearly add value to companies’ scaling, automation and efficiency.”

“The CargoX Platform fits perfectly into our strategy and portfolio as it enables full supply chain document originality validation and transfer traceability, providing a perfect immutable audit trail.”

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