Signet newbuild first US vessel to implement 3D end-to-end design

The first commercial US vessel to be designed, built and verified using an end-to-end 3D design process is now under construction for Signet Maritime Corporation, in partnership with ABS, Robert Allan Ltd. (RAL) and the United States Coast Guard (USCG).

Designed by RAL, the Advanced Rotortug (ART) will be used to escort vessels and offshore assets at the Port of Corpus Christi in Texas. The vessel will receive its Certificate of Inspection from the USCG and will be built and operated by Signet to ABS class specifications, making it the first commercial vessel in US history to be produced using only 3D models in design and construction for all structures.

“The understanding and fidelity of this construction model represents a major milestone in the history of the US maritime industry,” said Timothy McCallum, Signet Vice President, Engineering and Dynamics.

“3D design review ensures the designer, engineer, production manager, fitter, welder, and surveyor all work from the same complete model. Each individual has access to both the micro (component) and macro (complete assembly) with which they are working to better understand the bracket, frame, or bulkhead as it relates to the module, section, and ship.”

“Providing that level of awareness to all participants in the process will give ABS, Robert Allan, and Signet a superior finished product and contribute to an overall safer waterway through technological advancement.”

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