Güngen fleet to implement new data collection infrastructure

Turkish shipping company Güngen Denizcilik ve Ticaret (Güngen), an operator of six Suezmax crude oil tankers, has agreed a deal to implement the Vessel Insight data infrastructure from Kongsberg on all of its vessels.

Güngen’s immediate goal is to benchmark the ships to identify potential areas for fuel savings and reduced emissions.

This will involve standardisation of digital processes and collection of all available data from the ships’ assets. Those inputs will then be analysed and made available for connection to software applications within Kongsberg’s Kognifai Marketplace.

“The multitude of sensors onboard our ships produce a massive amount of valuable data,” said Selim Güngen, COO at Güngen.

“So far, despite enjoying the best satellite communication contracts which the market has to offer, we have only really been able to access this data by logging into our ships. This relatively slow and inefficient process has obstructed our predictive maintenance and data analysis endeavours.”

“We therefore reached out to Kongsberg, who also made our ships’ automation systems, to find a solution which will deliver an effortless data stream, accessible from anywhere and at any time from a user-friendly interface. We very much look forward to working with Kongsberg Digital to set yet another milestone in our digitalisation process.”

Installation of Vessel Insight across the vessel fleet is expected to commence this month.

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