Seanergy cuts fuel by 8% with DeepSea AI platform

Seanergy Maritime Holdings has partnered with Greek maritime AI company DeepSea Technologies to develop and test a weather routing and voyage optimisation platform called Pythia, with early results on Seanergy’s Capesize vessels showing average fuel savings of 8% recorded over a series of voyages during the first four months of 2021.

In one case fuel consumption of up to 12% was achieved, the companies said, through the use of the software’s AI-based performance models, which analyse 19 different parameters based on real-time data to provide weather routing and voyage optimisation advice.

The AI (artificial intelligence) models track how a vessel performs over time under varied operational conditions, including those related to the weather and the state of the vessel, such as fouling levels. This allows the system to develop an understanding of the vessel’s operational profile and create dynamic, tailor-made performance models to determine optimum routes, speeds, and trim to minimise fuel consumption.

“Our great work with our partners and friends at Seanergy goes back several years, and now it’s fantastic to be able to take the traditional service of weather routing one step further by collaborating side by side with them. Together, we have managed to evolve weather routing into a true performance routing solution, that adapts to each individual company’s objectives,” said Roberto Coustas, Co-Founder and CEO of DeepSea Technologies.

“We are aligned with Seanergy on many of our key objectives. We are both committed to pursuing a more sustainable future for shipping that mitigates the environmental impact of our sector through collaboration.”

“With this partnership, we are not just trialling and fine-tuning this unique optimisation technology, but also bringing to market the first performance routing platform with a proven track record of fuel and emissions savings that can push the decarbonisation efforts of the industry forward.”

The two companies first started collaborating in 2019 on projects to optimise the performance of Seanergy’s vessels. Initially, Seanergy installed DeepSea’s data collection hardware and performance monitoring platforms on board four vessels, before expanding to begin a deployment programme covering its entire fleet.

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